• Formal Obedience {Heel,Here,Side and Front Sit, Sit to whistle}

  • Force Fetch {Hold, Ear Pinch, Walking Fetch}

  • Collar Conditioning {Obedience, DeBolt, Collar Fetch, Intro to Indirect Pressure}

  • Singles Off Multi Guns

  • Lead Steady { Taut lead with use of hand on release}

  • Delivery to hand


If your goal is to participate in all levels of AKC Hunt Tests, this program will lay the foundation for a confident, competitive retriever. Areas we cover include but are not limited to: all of the Gun Dog above and adding

  • Building Marking and Blind Concepts: Emphasis on steadiness and willingness to handle on marks: multiple blinds to master factors such as dry shots, old falls, and other diversions; emphasis on hunting settings such as game calls, decoys,  hidden guns, duck blinds, handler with gun, walk up’s, honoring, ect. 


Sunny Skies Retrievers 

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